shocking revelation joho will not vie for county 001 seat


Hon. Ali Hassan Joho WON’T BE DEFENDING HIS SEAT AS MOMBASA GOVERNOR! A meeting was held secretly at Tamarind hotel on Saturday night to discuss Joho political future; following latest development regarding Joho forged academic certificates. The meeting was attended by Raila Odinga, Joho, Abu Joho, Idris Abdirahman, Hon. Rashid Bedzimba and Sen.Orengo. Joho forged degree case was extensively discussed with Orengo giving legal options. It was clear in the meeting that Joho has made very powerful enemies in high place who won’t stop till they see him bleed both politically and financially. Orengo advised that Joho would be very lucky to avoid a prison term! Abu Joho revealed that his businesses have suffered huge losses as a result of Joho political antagonism…. Therefore it was concluded that Joho must shelve his ambition by not defending his seat. However, ODM will reward his loyalty by nominating him to Parliament and making him Majority/ minority leader. The decision not defend his seat will be made public once ODM gets a suitable candidate for governor.   #Awuoro!! #Awuoro!!