The Real Wangui Ngirici aspiring women rep Kirinyaga

Wangui pretends to be an angel to the public especially the constituents of Kirinyaga, at least since she started her campaigns for the County Mp. She has engaged in various but short-lived PR stunts which end as soon as they start. During her campaigns, she has fought most of the elected leaders in Kirinyaga county leaving the constituents confused on which post she is really vying for. Her fight has been backed by her bully husband and class two drop out who prefers to go by the name General which originated from the fact that he used (and still) heads the Kirinyaga Mungiki illegal group.
Back to Mrs Ngirici. To those who worked or patronised Star Wood Hotel in Kerugoya (by then it was known as …..) they tell of a woman who was ready to insult any worker, deny them their pay and insult customers who appeared idle without caring to know whether they had made their orders or not. She would not hesitate to draw her gun when her temper (she is very hot tempered) flew through the ceilings making workers and customers scamper for safety.
She is a nightmare to her in-laws. He mother in law has lived in a shanty as did his late father in law. Her sister-in-laws is living in poverty as it is known that she threatened to leave Ngirici if he helps her in-laws. The neighbours to her in-laws, she is known as arrogant and rude. This is beside the fact that she is known to move with very young men including her in law’s neighbours and far relatives.
In mwea, she is known as a con and a land grabber. The list of those she conned including her late uncle is endless. She used to lie to them that she would import cars for them from Dubai but would instead deny receiving any money. She is closely linked with Joho (she has been living in Mombasa since they were sent packing from Kirinyaga due to their involvement with Mungiki) and Mike Sonko whom Kenyans know very well what they trade in.