THE NGIRICIAN TRIUMVIRATE – The Anti-Jubilee Agenda of Ngirici, Waiguru and Wathayu in Kirinyaga

Mombasa based businessman Andrew Ngirici is a man of dubious and curious reputation. His story of migration from Kirinyaga to Mombasa is the classic story of a bird that pees on its nest. However, using his dirty money obtained from underworld deals of trade in illicit brews, drug trafficking, tax evasion, murder and theft of money, land and vehicles, and the candidature of his wife as Kirinyaga woman representative as a decoy, Ngirici has returned to Kirinyaga to settle old scores.

Ngirici is in Kirinyaga to settle scores with President Uhuru Kenyatta who he accuses of failure to protect him as changing government policies threaten his sources of money. Ngirici was one of the key suppliers in Mt. Kenya region of sugar molasses which was used to manufacture the second generation brews that the government banned. The source of this molasses is Kisumu molasses company owned by Raila Odinga. Last year’s KRA crackdown on stolen vehicles whose tax had not been paid saw Ngirici targeted by KRA. Further, Ngirici’s involvement with criminal gangs has put him at loggerheads with the government.

It is for these reasons and Ngirici’s closeness to Mombasa Gov. Hassan Joho and ODM leader, Raila Odinga, that Ngirici is out to fight President Uhuru through destabilising his Jubilee Party and the stronghold of Kirinyaga so as to deny Uhuru the much needed bloc Kirinyaga vote. Towards this end, Ngirici has employed the dual strategy of causing internal wrangles at County Jubilee Party and ensuring the party has weak leaders who cannot mobilise votes for Uhuru in the County. The other strategy is reviving the dreaded Mungiki and other criminal gangs to instill fear in voters. This was evident during nomination day when it became evident there was a high voter turnout, Ngirici unleashed his terror gangs to cause violence in polling stations so as to scare voters.

Lately, Ngirici has found friends in this onslaught against Uhuru Kenyatta electoral stranglehold in Kirinyaga. One of them is former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru. Waiguru fell out with the president after he fired her, as has been attested by Hon Duale. Further, Waiguru has been subjected to humiliation by the president’s men through a parliamentary inquiry, and public castigation by the deputy President and senior government officials. The President has also publicly denounced any association with Waiguru’s political ambitions. Therefore, Waiguru is running for Kirinyaga governorship to get a platform to fight UhuRuto whom she feels have betrayed her.

The other Ngirici comrade is longtime Raila Odinga friend and adviser, Kabinga Wathayu. In 2007, Wathayu wanted to contest Mwea parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket but dropped his bid after feeling the anti-ODM wave in Central Kenya. Wathayu was a key adviser to ODM Team at the Serena talks that was led by Musalia Mudavadi and that negotiated the National Accord that established the ‘nusu mkate’ government. After formation of the Coalition government, Wathayu was one of the officials at USAid who worked with Ocampo and KNHRC to gather ‘fake’ evidence implicating Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto at the ICC. The American government that Wathayu has been working for is one of the Raila financiers. Wathayu has also personally benefitted from his working with Raila and USAid because he is given aid money to help the disabled, women and youths of Mwea, but he keeps the money some of which he uses to finance Raila activities.

The Wa-Wa-Wa (Wangirici, Wathayu, Waiguru) political alliance in Kirinyaga is an anti-Jubilee force that is set to fight Uhuru Kenyatta from within Jubilee rather than from outside. If they succeed, Uhuru will find it difficult to galvanise his vote in Kirinyaga and this may affect his chances of getting 50 plus one in August.