Waiguru Government Structure Finally Out.

As the high octane game of politics gets to its high season, all manner of political trade offs are being witnessed.
In Kirinyaga, Jubilee party nominee, Anne Waiguru, has fallen out with her political godfather and Mombasa businessman,Andrew Ngirici, over division of positions in county government. Whereas Ngirici wanted half of the county tenders and for him to propose for appointment 5 county ministers. Waiguru was only ready to give the businessman quarter of the county tenders and 3 appointments for ministers. This has led to an acrimonious fallout.
However, Waiguru has gone ahead to set out the structure of her government. Sources close to the source of this information has revealed that the Governor will have 5 advisers: Economic, Development, Communication, Legal and Governance.
The Deputy Governor, Peter Ndambiri will be incharge of Ministry of Health. Ndambiri is from Mwea. Others from Mwea who will be appointed include former MP, Alfred Nderitu as Minister for Transport and Infrastructure; former Deputy Speaker, Kinyua Mutugi as Education Minister; former senatorial aspirant, Joseph Mwaniki of Terrace Villa will be Lands and Housing Minister; and, Samuel Gakubia as Youths and Sports Minister. From Gichugu, the proposed names are Muchiri Mithamo formerly contesting as Nairobi senator as Cooperatives Minister; and James Gachinga as minister of Environment. Mithamo Wasusana is proposed as Agriculture minister though he is contesting in Ndia for MP. A Mr. John King’ori from Kiambu is proposed for Finance minister while Nelson Githinji, formerly NYS Director will be the County Secretary.


One thought on “Waiguru Government Structure Finally Out.

  1. I was proposing to be done fairly I have done Agriculture and I was aspiring for MCA from Kangai with experience of 10 years in Agriculture sector kindly consider me in that docket


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