Former Devolution CS’s running mate for Kirinyaga governorship, Peter Ndambiri, on Saturday night sought to quell the rising political tension in Mwea over the candidature of independent candidate Bedan Muriithi Kagai who comes from Mwea. After Kagai launched his campaign with gusto a few days ago many people in Mwea have been seen to support the idea of a governor who comes from Mwea which has majority voters among the four sub-counties of Kirinyaga.
Speaking on Saturday night to his supporters, Ndambiri said he would be the first Kirinyaga governor from Mwea because they will impeach Waiguru through the County Assembly before the end of 2018. He said Waiguru is very difficult to work with and is worse than current Governor, Ndathi. He said Waiguru was almost impeached twice by the National Assembly when she was CS and it is only the intervention of Uhuru that saved her. He said Uhuru has no incentive to rescue her from impeachment in the county. He said Mwea has majority MCAs and will get more from nominations to the Assembly and since the plan is to nominate Gichobi Ndathi from Gichugu as his running mate when they remove Waiguru, Gichobi will ensure Gichugu MCAs vote along with those from Mwea to impeach Waiguru.
Further, Ndambiri revealed he spent 20 million mobilising Mwea before Waiguru picked him as her running mate as he sought to be Mwea MP but now that he is broke, Waiguru does not give him any money and he has to depend with Gichobi Ndathi and other well-wishers. Ndambiri, therefore, urged Mwea people to support him because he was the sure bet to deliver the governorship position to Mwea.


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